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Solo Exhibitions  cont.

2008 Yeshiva University Museum, New York, NY
2010 "Hanging up in air" Culture Center, Givataaim
2010 "Hanging up in air", Artura Gallery, Tel Aviv
2013 "Hanging up in air", Tel Hashomer Hospital, Ramat Gan
2015-"BERESHIT" collection, Artist House , Tel Aviv

2017 "Complete and In-Parts", Mirove House, Holon

2018 "Jewelry", Yad Labanim, Ramat Gan 

Monumental Statue
2000 ‘Agnon’ High School, Netanya
2002 Nevatim Air Force Based Sculpture Garden
2002 Statue Garden, ‘Hashphela’ Museum, Kfar Menachem
2005 ‘Pais Shikun Dan’ Tel Aviv
2005 ‘Tutenhaure’ Nirosta Sculpture, Beit Shemesh
2007 Ramat Gan, Tel Hashomer Hospital Sculpture Garden
2007 Palmachim Air Force Based sculpture Garden
2011"-HIS YEARNUNG" Sheba Hospital Ramat Gan

2016 Yemin-Ored, Youth Village, Carmel

2017 5-sculpture donation of Rotem Family, Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv

2018 "Beresheet" Sculptures, Gildesgaiim St. Ramat Gan

2018 "Beresheet" 8 sculptures, Masada and Dead-sea

Group Exhibitions
1986 The Artists Association, Tel Aviv
1987 The Berlin Festival, Berlin, Germany
1988 The Artists Association, Tel Aviv
1990 London 90, London, England
1994 Europe Art, Berlin, Germany
1995 The Artists’ Association, Tel Aviv
2002 ‘Asla,viva’ Tel Aviv’s Performing Arts Center
2002 Thopsons Gallery, London, England
2003 ‘Hashphela’ Museum, Kfar Menachem
2003 ‘Growth Project’, Exhibition Park, Tel Aviv
2005 Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2007 Markets VI, Divine in.tent, Venice, Italy, and Kassel, Germany
2007 Balance, London, England
2007 Markers VI, Divine In.tent, Orensanz Center, NY
2008 Macondo Art Gallery, London
2008, Borei Gallery, St. Petersburg
2008 Cargo 21 Site International des arts, Paris
2008 Shoham, Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008 Fusion Art Museum, New York, NY
2009 "forbidden books", municipal library, Hedera Israel         
2009 "Souvenir art"  Scalamata Gallery Biannale Venice Italy
2010 "Darkness" Fusion Art Museum, New York, NY
2011 ‪Mémoire de l'avenir‬, Paris, France
2015- Biennale 2, Moshe Castel Museum, Maale Haadumum

Bank Leumi Art Collection; 2007
Yeshiva University Museum, New York
ArtLife FOR THE World, Venice - markers 9 "homage"

Projects by ARTURA studio
2011 Paris, Memoire de'Avenir, Cycle of Life
2011 New-York, Fusion Museum, Darkness
2011 Venice Biennale, Artlife, Maps
2012 Tel Aviv, Leumi-Bank, Secret Art
2012 Nazeret, French Institutre Gallery
2012 London, Hundred-Years Gallery, Plates 

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