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Varda Rotem | Sculptures

Varda Rotem came to art from life. Her creative process is characterized by a mature and personal exploration, moving seamlessly between painting and drawing and her constant delving into the mysteries of clay and sculpture. An exploratory, riddle-filled dialog with mass and its boundaries, a test of its endurance; and a natural, almost childlike curiosity testing the limits of its sculptural possibility of survival in space.

Her content attitude today toward materials and their secrets enables her to imagine a shape of massive volume in iron, even for her sculptures produced from two-dimensional metal strips that move in space like giant, surreal plants, and moreover, by her curiosity, enable Rotem a testing space for small, precisely shaped sculptures, in contrast to her large-scale works, whose behavior in space in unknown in advance.
In Rotem’s work, we can see over the years the transition from the familiar and deliberate semi-realist sculpture to simple, direct sculpture, abstract and open. The absurd in creating “Impossible Connections” is what fascinates and interests her.

Biographical Notes
Born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia.
1963 Graduated the Hebrew university, Jerusalem, department of natural science.
Graduated the Avni Institute for Fine Arts, Tel Aviv, Israel
Continued her studies in sculpting at the Harry Baron Studio
1988 – Current Member of the Artists and Sculptors Association
1999 Advanced Study in gold and other metals

Solo Exhibitions
1993 Ephrat Gallery, Tel Aviv
1998 Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Sculpture Gallery
1999 Municipal Galley, Netanya
2002 “Migdal” Sculpture Gallery, Tel Aviv
2002 ‘Pais Eshkol’ Culture Center, Ramat Gan
2003 ‘Yahalom’ Theater Gallery, Ramat Gan
2004 ‘Pais Tapuach’ Culture Center, Givataaim

2004 ‘Globes’ Newspaper Gallery Building, Rishon Le Zion

2004 Culture Center of the city of Petach Tikva

Copyright © 2008 Varda Rotem.  All Rights Reserved.

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